Garden tools for your outdoor environment

Taking care of your garden means much more than just keeping it tidy. Learn how, with some knowledge and the right set of garden power tools, achieving a perfect outdoor environment is easier than you thought.

Grass care

There’s much more to grass care than just keeping it short. Here are some tips to improve the health and visual quality of your grass:

  • Mow your lawn frequently
  • Edge your borders
  • Aerate the soil
  • Feed and water your turf
  • Keep weeds under control

Trees and hedges

Trees, hedges and shrubs add texture and attractiveness to your landscaping. Here’s what you should do:

  • Trim hedges to keep them dense
  • Prune trees and shrubs during the formative years
  • Remove dead or dying branches
  • Cut branches that rub together
  • Prune orchards to encourage fruit development


Features such as patios, furniture and decks make your garden more enjoyable. They require some care as well:

  • Wash regularly to not let dirt build up
  • Leaf blowers are unbeatable for quickly sweeping dirt and debris
  • Blow the fallen leaves from your lawn so as not to deprive the grass of sunlight

How to choose the right power tools for your garden

Gardening tools are either petrol- or electric-powered. Which one is good for you?

Petrol-engine garden tools have been around for ages and people still believes they are more powerful. That’s a myth to debunk:

  1. Electric motors deliver monster torque even at low rpm. So when a petrol mower starts to bog down, the electric mower won’t.
  2. When speed counts, electric motors can easily spin at 30,000 rpm or higher, while petrol engines rarely exceed 4,000.

Furthermore, electric motors deliver other sound benefits:

  • Zero emission of air pollutants
  • Low noise
  • Start at the push of a button
  • Lightness and compactness
  • Low vibration
  • Savings on fuel and lubricants
  • No expensive maintenance

If you are ready to electrify your gardening power equipment, you’ll face two choices: corded or cordless.

  • Corded garden tools are cheap, but they are an option only if your garden is small as their range of action is limited by the reach of the power cord.
  • Cordless gardening equipment provides freedom of movement, but unless you want to deal with a multitude of different batteries and chargers, you’ll have to decide which voltage to stick to.

Well, unless you go with PowerShare.

Same battery, expandable power

Stop buying batteries and chargers that fit one voltage only. Enjoy unlimited freedom of choice with Worx PowerShare™, the cordless system that adapts to your needs. As easy as combining bricks in construction toys.


One battery for all your 20V tools.

For your everyday applications, enjoy the convenience of the compact and lightweight Worx 20V tools.


Two batteries for all your 40V tools.

When the going gets tough, the extra power of Worx 40V garden tools is what you need.


Four batteries for all your 80V tools.

When ultimate power and runtime are needed, quadruple the battery to get 80V.

Mowing is the most important of lawn care practices

Most of us mow the lawn just to keep it tidy.
Doing it right will do a lot for your grass.

  • Mow frequently: avoid stressing the grass, promote turf density and prevent weeds proliferation.
  • Keep your blade sharp: dull blades tear the end of grass blades making your grass tips brown and vulnerable to diseases.
  • Mulch instead of bagging: when short grass clippings are left on the lawn, they decompose and reenter the soil.
  • Randomize your pattern: follow a different direction each time you mow to promote even, upright growth.

Robotic lawn mowers

Not only Worx Landroid robotic lawn mowers manicure the lawn autonomously, day in and day out. They also dramatically improve the health and visual appearance of your grass.

Explore Landroid

Find out why Worx Landroid is the best robot mower money can buy

The best robotic lawn mower system

Look no further

For the last 10 years, Worx Landroid has been setting the industry agenda with an unrivaled number of industry-firsts and unique technologies. This is what makes Landroid efficient and agile. It’s future-proof and fully customizable, it does the edge and adapts to rough terrain, while being empowered by the Noesis cloud computing network.

Robotic lawn mowers

Landroid S300
Landroid M500
Landroid M700
Landroid L1000
Landroid L2000
AIA intelligent navigation          
Automatic firmware updates          
Noesis™ cloud computing          
Multi-zone up to 4 areas          
PowerShare battery 2 Ah     4 Ah 5 Ah
Floating cutting disc          
Interface/Display Keypad/LED Keypad/LED Keypad/LED Dial/LCD Dial/LCD
Max slope 35% 35% 35% 35% 35%
Front wheels 1 1 1 2 2
Cutting height / width 20-50 mm / 18 cm 30-60 mm / 18 cm 30-60 mm / 18 cm 30-60 mm / 18 cm 30-60 mm / 22 cm
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Push lawn mowers

The power of petrol, without the hassles

Can the world robot mower specialist also design great push mowers? We took the challenge seriously to deliver on your expectations. From the monster power of our 80V self-propelled flagship to our smallest model, browse the range to find your perfect lawn mower.

Our Nitro flagship rotary lawn mower

Featuring IntelliCut

Four PowerShare batteries deliver 80V and up to 320Wh for extreme power and long runtime. IntelliCut™ technology instantly delivers the right amount of cutting torque the blade needs.

Push lawn mowers

Drive system Self-propelled Self-propelled Push Push Push
Voltage 80V 40V 40V 40V 20V
Battery capacity 4.0 Ah 4.0 Ah 4.0 Ah 2 x 2.5Ah 4.0 Ah
Motor Brushless Brushless Brush Brush Brushless
Coverage with one charge 1000 m2 500 m2 500 m2 280 m2 200 m2
Cutting width 51 cm 46 cm 40 cm 34 cm 30 cm
Cutting height 20-80 mm 20-80 mm 20-80 mm 20-70 mm 30-70 mm
Clippings management Collection/mulching/side discharge Collection/mulching Collection/mulching Collection Collection
Handle Fully collapsible Fully collapsible Fully collapsible Fully collapsible Fully collapsible
Cutting deck Metal Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Bag capacity 70L 55L 45L 30L 30L
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String trimmers

Use a string trimmer to create a satisfying finish

Grass trimming is the finishing touch to a detailed, meticulously maintained lawn. Use a string trimmer to maintain those areas where lawn mowers cannot do the job — around trees, in between plants and in tight corners. To define edges, turn the trimmer so that the string spins vertical.

Third revision of a classic

Now with Command Feed™ technology

Since its first release, Worx GT has become the industry benchmark for cordless string trimmers. Still the ergonomic champion, the new Worx GT3 features Command Feed to extend fresh line at the touch of a button.

String trimmers

Voltage 40V 40V 40V 20V 20V 220-240V ∼ 50 / 60Hz
Cutting width 38 cm 33 cm 33 cm 30 cm 25 cm 30 cm
Line diameter 2.4 mm (dual) 2 mm 1.65mm (dual) 1.65 mm 1.65 mm 1.65 mm
Motor Brushless Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush
Line feed Bump Command Feed™ AutoFeed™ Command Feed™ AutoFeed™ AutoFeed™
Cutting head Fixed Pivoting Fixed Pivoting Fixed Pivoting
In-line wheeled edging No Yes No Yes No No
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The right tools for trees, shrubs and hedges

Now that you got your lawn covered, it’s time to care for all that grows above ground level

There are several different hand or powered tools for shaping plants and trees, but what you really need are these:

  • A homeowners’ chainsaw is useful for pruning lower tree branches, for after storm clean up and for chopping firewood.
  • A pole saw allows for extended reach to prune higher branches.
  • As it comes to shaping hedges and shrubs, a hedge trimmer is what you need.

Chainsaws and pole saws

Click in the battery, and you’re off and cutting

Once exclusive to lumberjacks and farmers, with the availability of cordless models, chainsaws have become a staple in the shed of homeowners. The best battery-powered chainsaws and pole saws offer a high power-to-weight ratio together with an easy-handling form factor.

High chain speed for fast, clean cuts

With auto-tensioning technology

The powerful brushless motor of the Worx Nitro 40V chainsaw drives the chain at 18m/s speed to cut hardwood with ease. The patented auto-tensioning automatically compensates chain stretch during operation without the need for manual tightening.

Chainsaws and pole saws

Voltage 40V 40V 20V 220 - 240V ∼ 50 / 60 Hz 220 - 240V ∼ 50 / 60 Hz 20V 20V 20V 20V
Motor Brushless Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush
Bar length 40 cm 30 cm 25 cm 40 cm 25 cm 15 cm 12 cm wood 60 mm / steel 10 mm 20 cm
Chain speed 18 m/s 6.3 m/s 3.8 m/s 12 m/s 8.5 m/s 2.5 m/s 6.7 m/s no load speed 2200 / min 5 m/s
Chain tensioning Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto Manual Manual No tension need Auto
Lubrication Auto Auto Auto Auto Manual Auto Manual No need Auto
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Hedge trimmers and shear shrubbers

Keep you hedge in shape, as well as your back

New hedges should be frequently trimmed and shaped for their first couple of years after planting. Once grown up, they still require maintenance to grow dense and healthy. Hand-held shears are good enough for smaller shrubs, but for larger hedges you’ll have to go with a powered hedge trimmer.

Lightweight yet powerful

Dual-action blade for sharp, clean cuts

Lightness is the most important feature to look for in a tool that is used overhead most of the time. Weighing as little as 2 kilos, the Worx WG261E cordless hedge trimmer still gives you 45 cm cutting capacity and packs enough of a punch to slice 16 mm thick twigs with ease.

Hedge trimmers and shear shrubbers

Voltage 40V 20V 20V 20V 20V
Motor Brush Brush Brush Brush Brush
Cutting length 60 cm 61 cm 45 cm 45 cm 20 cm, 12 cm
Max. cutting diameter 27 mm 20 mm 16 mm 16 mm 8 mm
Rear handle Rotating Fixed Fixed Rotating Fixed
Dual action blades Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Power garden sprayer

Your ally for plant care

Sooner or later, most plants will face pests and diseases, which can pose serious threats and can even be fatal to them. No panic. Identifying the kind of disease is the first step. Then you need the right tool to treat the problem. A garden pump will come in handy to spray the treatment and is also great to apply nutrition to the foliage.

The garden sprayer, reinvented

Contamination avoided

Conventional battery garden sprayers draw the chemical from the tank. Which leads to two major issues: residuals can damage the pump and, most importantly, contamination can happen. The Worx sprayer compress air instead, as you would with manual garden sprayers, keeping the pump away from chemicals.

The tools you need to keep your garden clean

Not only a matter of tidiness, leaf removal can save your lawn.

A thick layer of leaves will deprive grass of sunlight and oxygen, eventually killing it. A blower will remove fallen leaves in autumn, and is also the best tool to keep your outdoor space free of dirt and debris all year round. A power washer is indispensable to keep your garden furniture and features tidy. A power brush is the tool of choice as it comes to cleaning your patio, walkway and other hard surfaces.

Leaf blowers and vacuums

How to choose the right tool

To remove a large quantity of dry leaves, a blower capable of moving a high volume of air is best. To get rid of wet, sticky leaves, you’d rather need a tool that produces a high velocity airstream. What if there was a blower that does it all? As it happens, now there is.

The most powerful leaf blower out there

Lightweight and compact as well

The Worx WG585E 40V LeafJet blower is able to move 1053 cubic meters per hour of air at 266 kilometres per hour speed. No other blower in the market can do the same, regardless of price. This turns into removing more leaves in way less time, and unglue the stickiest debris from the ground.

Cordless leaf blowers/vacuums

Nitro LeafJet
Nitro LeafJet
Voltage 40V 20V 40V 220 - 240V ∼ 50 / 60 Hz
Motor Brushless Brushless Brushless Brush
Max. air speed 266 km/h 209 km/h 335 km/h 335 km/h
Max. air volume 1053 m3/h 696 m3/h 575 m3/h 600 m3/h
Airflow technology LeafJet™ + AirAmplifier LeafJet™ + AirAmplifier    
Speed/volume control Yes Yes No No
Mulch ratio     12:1 16:1
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Pressure washers

Choose one that you’ll actually use

High pressure washers are certainly powerful and can remove stubborn dirt, moss and grime from your deck and garden furniture. But they are heavy, cumbersome, they need to be plugged to the mains and connected to a tap. Let’s be honest, most people end up using it two or three times a year.

The mobile pressure washer

Rethink what you can clean

Being portable, the Worx HydroShot is not as powerful as traditional, bulky high pressure washers. But what it lacks in terms of power it more than makes up with its convenience. Just plug the battery, fill a bucket with water, and wash dirt away whenever you want, before it builds up. Not only in your garden, but also on the go.

No cord

HydroShot runs on batteries, miles away from your closest AC socket.

No reel

Forget those long water hoses that are never long enough.

No base

With HydroShot you don’t need to drag any bulky, heavy base around.

No tap

HydroShot draws water from any source: buckets, ponds, bottles…


Voltage 20V 20V
Motor Brushless Brush
Max pressure 25 24
Flow rate 160-210 L/h 120 L/h
Speed 2 1
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Moving loads around

A good wheelbarrow will save your back

Whether it is carrying soil bags, transporting freshly cut wooden logs or moving plants to their beds, a good wheelbarrow is your best garden friend. Wheelbarrows have been around unchanged for ages, so you might believe they are all the same. Think again.

Wheelbarrow, reinvented

Rethink what you can move around

Worx Aerocart’s TurboLift design makes a 100 kg wheelbarrow load feel like 9 kilos. Not only, the cart adapts to eight different uses including dolly, rock/plant mower, trailer tote, heavy vase transporter, bag holder and counting.

Outdoor floor cleaner

Hard surfaces outside get dirty

Stone, wood, tile, concrete and cobbled pavings are difficult to clean and require a lot of scrubbing. Not to mention removing weeds growing in the joints between tiles. Here’s where a power brush comes in handy.

Cordless power brush

Stop scrubbing on your knees

The new Worx power brush makes scrubbing outdoor floors a breeze with easily interchangeable brushes specifically designed to clean different materials, including an attachment for uprooting weeds from joints. Connect the water hose to a tap, snap the PowerShare battery in, and you’re ready to go.

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