Agile and efficient

Worx Landroid always finds its way through narrow corridors, without requiring you to lay down a guide wire. Even better, it mows the whole passage and not just the path above the wire.

Your lawn deserves a Landroid.

Your lawn deserves a Landroid.

Don’t let other random navigation robot mowers wear your grass with unnecessary maneuvers at the borders. Landroid navigates your lawn with confidence thanks to its unique AIA technology,

Simply smarter, simply faster.

When conventional random navigation robot mowers reach the border, they rely on trial and error. Mostly error. Landroid does it right the first time. Every time.

Landroid turns.

Landroid makes the right turn each time it reaches the border of your lawn.

Others wander.

Stop, reverse, stop, turn, move forward. Repeat. Eventually, conventional random navigation robot mowers find the right direction. Eventually…


Landroid gets the job done faster than conventional random navigation robotic mowers, leaving more time for you to enjoy your lawn with family and friends.

Find the right Landroid for you

We made our robotic mowers more intelligent to give you the best lawn you’ve ever had. Effortlessly.

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Noesis cognitive auto-schedule

Landroid knows what’s best for your lawn.

Landroid autonomously decides how to mow your lawn. With cloud computing, it fine-tunes mowing cycles according to the actual growth rate of your grass. No settings. No programming. No guess work.

Landroid does it better

To most people, programming is a hassle. To the brave, it’s a challenge. To Landroid, it’s science.

From VCRs to pre-Nest* thermostats, programming electronic devices has been a nightmare for generations.

* Nest is a registered trademark of Nest Labs, Inc.

The science behind your best lawn ever.

A multitude of factors influence the growth rate of your grass. Landroid combines them all to determine the best treatment for your lawn. Day in and day out.


The most influential factor for grass growth.


Grass grows more as sun radiation becomes stronger and the days become longer.

Water supply

Watering during hot summer days builds strong roots and keeps grass from turning brown.

Grass species

Each species has its own growth rate and seasonality.

Soil composition

Clay soils retain water, while sandy soils favor drainage.

Frequency of cuts

Frequent mowing promotes high shoot density and vertical leaf growth.


Regular fertilization during growing seasons keeps the lawn well fed.

Landroid learns from you.

No matter how clever it is, your robot mower still needs to get some information from you. It’s a matter of seconds thanks to the app.

Grass species

In the app, tick the box corresponding to the grass in your lawn. Not sure? Follow the tutorial.


Is it Sandy, Clay or Mixed? Don’t know? Assess it in a few playful steps.


Let Landroid know if you have a permanent irrigation system.


Tell Landroid if you regularly fertilize your lawn.

Size and shape.

Determine the amount of time Landroid needs to cover the lawn area.

Try before you buy

Download the app for free and experience Landroid before buying it.

Landroid knows about the weather.

Connected Landroid robot mowers receive pin-point climate information — rainfall, temperature, sunlight and forecast — from the closest local weather station.

Putting everything together.

Cloud computing combines data and builds a specific algorithm that’s delivered to each individual Landroid daily. It’s this degree of accuracy that gives you the perfect lawn.

Connected Landroid App

Your lawn at your fingertips

Way more than a remote control: the app is your interface with the Worx Landroid ecosystem.

Accurate measurement of your lawn

With augmented reality* you get the exact size of your lawn by simply taking a walk around it.

Fine tune the schedule to your wishes.

Review and manually adjust Landroid’s auto scheduling settings at any time. If you want to.

Performance Dashboard

See how Landroid has been doing lately thanks to the dashboard’s statistics.


Anything that requires your attention is promptly notified to you by the app.

* This feature works with all smartphones with AR-enabled hardware. Check your device’s compatibility here

Want to know the size of your lawn?

Download the app for free and measure it in Guest Mode — no purchase of Landroid required.

The obsessive robot mower.

Landroid can’t stand leaving uncut grass blades behind. Its special offset blade* gets as close as possible to the border of your lawn, leaving you little or no trimming to do.

* Available on select models
Worx PowerShare platform

Powered by Worx PowerShare

Landroid is equipped with the same long lasting, high performance battery that equips all Worx cordless tools.

Sensorless motors

Driven by top-notch motors

Landroid features the very same technology used in the powertrains of modern EVs. Its 3-phase sensorless brushless DC motors are efficient, powerful and smooth.

Gentle to your grass

Landroid’s motors deliver impressive performance in terms of speed control in every situation, including slopes. This grants a gentle action of the wheels that doesn’t harm your grass.

How it works

Brushless motors generate an electromagnetic force (EMF) whose frequency is directly related to the rotational speed. By accurately measuring this back-EMF frequency, the controller continuously monitors the speed of the motor and, if necessary, adjusts any discrepancy.

Unrivaled durability

Landroid’s sensorless motors ensure much longer lifespan in harsh environments than sensored motors that drive other robot mowers.

Find the right Landroid for you

We made our robotic mowers more intelligent to give you the best lawn you’ve ever had. Effortlessly.

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