Voice Control Option

“Talk to me...”

You can now program and operate your Landroid in the most natural way. Using your voice.

It's all about accessibility

We have developed an advanced voice control that does not need the internet.

Who needs it?

People who don't use smartphones or don’t have Wi-Fi at home. People who need glasses to read manuals. Or just those of us who like things easy.

How it works.

Push the large red stop button and Landroid asks you simple questions. Then it behaves according to your replies. As simple as that.

Easy installation.

The Voice Control option installs quickly and easily. Simply plug in its connector and click it into the special compartment in the robot.

Advanced sound design with AI capabilities

Voice Control uses the latest
technologies to ensure a seamless user

Trained to catch human voice

Landroid's Voice Control neural network has been trained to understand different languages and accents.

Acustic beamforming

Beamforming makes sound source
localization more intelligent, setting
human voice apart from wind and other
background noise.

Repels everything but sound

Placed underneath a hole sosmall rain cannot get in, themicrophone is protected fromthe elements. It is alsoshielded by a GORE*acoustic vent with IPX6protection that ensures soundattenuation as little as 2dB@1,000Hz, while stillproviding exceptional waterand dust protection intemperatures ranging from
-40 to 85° C

* GORE is a registered
trademark of W. L. Gore and
Associates, Inc.

No matter
what your needs,
covers them.


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