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Circular Saws

Back in 2010, Worx reinvented the circular saw by merging the functionalities of traditional circular saws into a compact, one-handed form factor. To cut through unusually thick timber, our range also includes full-sized cordless circular saws with corded-like output power.

Brushless motor, 190mm blade

Brushless cordless circular saw 20V - tool only - WX520.9

ExacTrack guide, 165mm blade

ExacTrack cordless circular saw 20V - with 4Ah battery and charger - WX530.1

The lightweight, powerful alternative to heavy circular saws.

800W 120mm Electrical Compact Hand Saw Worxsaw XL - WX437

Versatile circular saw for many applications

710W 120mm Worxsaw XL compact circular saw - WX427

Compact and lightweight, perfect for plunge cuts

400W 85mm Worxsaw compact circular saw - WX426

Powerful circular saw with patented BEVELTRAC technology

1200W 160mm BEVELTRAC circular saw - WX425