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Off Limits Virtual Fence 2.0 Module


Off Limits virtual fence 2.0 for Landroid
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Use this option to create no-mow zones in your lawn without the need to rework your main boundary wire.

  • Safeguard Delicate Areas: Protect flower beds, vegetable gardens, or newly planted areas from accidental damage by your Landroid mower. The Off Limits Module ensures these areas remain untouched.

  • Seasonal Mowing Flexibility: Easily create temporary no-mow zones around seasonal items like trampolines, kiddie pools, or outdoor furniture. Move the magnetic strip with the changing seasons, and your Landroid will adapt accordingly.

  • Peace of Mind Mowing: Knowing your Landroid avoids delicate areas and valuable possessions allows you to relax and enjoy a perfectly maintained lawn without worry.

  • Compatible with Most Landroids: This module is designed to work flawlessly with various Worx Landroid robotic mower models (compatible with WR130E, WR184E, WR165E, WR167E).

  • Simple Magnetic Strip Installation: The included magnetic strip is easy to cut and position around the desired no-mow zone, offering a user-friendly solution for customized mowing.

  • Quick Setup and Easy Use: The Off Limits Module is straightforward to install and requires minimal configuration. Get your Landroid avoiding specific areas in no time.


Product description

Take control of your robotic lawn care with the Worx WA0892 Landroid Off Limits Module. This innovative accessory empowers you to create temporary no-mow zones within your lawn, offering greater flexibility and protecting delicate areas.Effortless Mowing Customization:Virtual Fence for Specific Areas: Define temporary no-mow zones around seasonal items like trampolines, flower beds, or freshly planted areas. Simply surround the desired area with the provided magnetic strip, and the Off Limits Module will guide your Landroid mower to avoid it.Simplify Installation: Forget the hassle of reconfiguring your boundary wire. The Off Limits Module installs directly onto your Landroid mower and integrates seamlessly with the existing system.Enhanced Mowing Efficiency: By creating designated no-mow zones, you can optimize your Landroid's mowing patterns, potentially reducing overall mowing time.The Worx WA0892 Landroid Off Limits Module is an essential accessory for any Worx Landroid owner who desires more control over their robotic lawn care. It simplifies mowing customization, protects delicate areas, and offers a user-friendly solution for creating temporary no-mow zones. Experience the benefits of a truly flexible and personalized robotic mowing experience.

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

Weight & Dimensions

Product depth19 mm
Product width26.8 mm
Weight without Battery0.03 kg /
Product length10.9 mm /

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In the box

  • Off-Limits Virtual Fence 2.0 WA0892 (1)
  • 5 m virtual fence stripes (4)
  • Pegs (24)
  • Connectors (8)



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