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Worx WA0865 Landroid High-Pitched Alarm Module


Deter Theft and Maintain Peace of Mind
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This innovative accessory discourages potential theft attempts with a loud and attention-grabbing alarm.

  • Easy to Install: The WA0865 module is designed for quick and effortless installation within your Worx Landroid mower

  • Smart Power Supply: The module features an integrated battery that provides backup power in case the Landroid's main battery runs low, ensuring the alarm remains active even during charging cycles.

  • Peace of Mind for Landroid Owners: Knowing your mower is equipped with a high-pitched alarm allows you to relax and enjoy the convenience of robotic lawn care without worrying about theft.

  • Deters Theft Attempts: The loud alarm sound effectively discourages potential thieves and minimizes the risk of losing your Landroid mower.

  • Added Security Layer: The WA0865 module provides an extra layer of protection for your robotic mower, giving you peace of mind while your Landroid tackles your lawn.

  • Invest in Security: A small investment in the WA0865 module can save you the hassle and expense of replacing a stolen mower.


Product description

Keep your Worx Landroid robotic mower safe and secure with the Worx WA0865 Landroid High-Pitched Alarm Module. This innovative accessory discourages potential theft attempts with a loud and attention-grabbing alarm, ensuring your robotic lawn care companion stays exactly where it belongs.Enhanced Security for Your Landroid:High-Decibel Alarm: The WA0865 module emits a loud, piercing alarm sound whenever your Landroid mower is lifted from the ground. This effectively deters would-be thieves and attracts attention, making it a challenge to steal your mower unnoticed.PIN-Protected Deactivation: Only you can silence the alarm. The module features a PIN code system that allows you to deactivate the alarm with ease while preventing unauthorized tampering.Double Security: The high-pitched alarm works in conjunction with your Landroid mower's existing security features, providing an extra layer of protection against theft.The Worx WA0865 Landroid High-Pitched Alarm Module is a must-have accessory for any Worx Landroid owner. It offers a simple and effective solution to deter theft attempts, providing peace of mind and ensuring your robotic mower stays safe and secure.

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  • High Pitched Alarm module WA0865 (1)



Hard times for Landroid thieves


Prevent Landroid from accessing forbidden areas


Get the best out of your Landroid with constant connectivity


Worx WA0865 Landroid High-Pitched Alarm Module


WA0870 Magnetic Strips


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