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Magnetic strips for Off-Limits Landroid


Worx WA0870 Magnetic Strips: Create a Custom Off-Limits Zone for Your Landroid Mower
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Maintain a Pristine Lawn with the Worx WA0870 Magnetic Strips. These easy-to-use strips ensure your Landroid focuses on mowing the designated areas, keeping your lawn looking its best.

  • Creates a virtual fence to keep your Landroid mower out of restricted areas.

  • 20-meter (66-foot) roll allows for customization of off-limits zones.

  • Compatible with various Worx Landroid robotic mower models (check Worx website for specific compatibility information).

  • Ideal for protecting flower beds, vegetable gardens, dog waste stations, and other delicate areas of your lawn.


Product description

The Worx WA0870 Magnetic Strips are a simple and effective solution for expanding the off-limits zone of your Worx Landroid robotic mower. These strips create a virtual fence that your Landroid will avoid, protecting delicate areas of your lawn like flower beds, vegetable gardens, or dog waste stations. Keep Your Landroid Out of Restricted Areas:Virtual Fence: The magnetic field emitted by the strips creates a boundary that your Landroid won't cross, preventing damage to flower beds, landscaping, or other designated areas.Easy Customization: The 20-meter (66-foot) roll allows you to create custom off-limits zones of any shape or size to perfectly suit your lawn layout.Simple Installation: Simply lay the magnetic strips on the ground and secure them with the provided staples (included in some packages, check retailer specifications).

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

In the box

  • Connectors (8)
  • 5 m magnetic strips (4) (4)
  • Pegs (5)



Hard times for Landroid thieves


Prevent Landroid from accessing forbidden areas


Get the best out of your Landroid with constant connectivity


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WA0870 Magnetic Strips


Your Landroid on auto-pilot

Same battery, expandable power

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