FindMyLandroid option

Secure, trackable and connected

Ensure your Landroid Vision the highest degree of protection
with GPS positioning combined with cellular data

Why FindMyLandroid.

If your property is not fenced, you may be worried about someone stealing your Landroid Visione. FindMyLandroid allows you to remotely lock your robot mower and track it.

How it works.

If your Landroid Vision is taken outside its geofenced area, you will get notified on your smartphone. The GPS module will work even if the main battery is removed. The cellular module works in 2G, NB-IoT and Cat. M1 technologies specific to IoT devices.

Prepaid SIM card

Pre-paid SIM card

FindMyLandroid's multi-IMSI SIM card works with a multitude of telecom providers, ensuring the best possible signal at all times. The included SIM card is prepaid for three years and can be renewed for a small annual fee.

Pre-paid SIM card


Just plug the option into its slot onboard your Landroid Vision and secure it with the supplied anti-tamper screw.

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