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Landroid M700


Robot mower Landroid M700
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A larger battery and longer runtime make this robotic lawn mower suitable for lawns up to 700m². Fully customisable with five unique options.

  • Intelligent: Noesis™ cognitive auto-scheduling
  • Accurate: Cut-to-Edge minimizes the need for manual trimming of the borders
  • Efficient: the most efficient and most agile robot mower, thanks to the patented AIA™ technology
  • Configurable: choose from five unique options
  • Versatile: its PowerShare battery fits all Worx cordless tools
  • Future-proof: automatic Over-the-Air software updates


Product description

Noesis™ cloud computing, AIA™ intelligent navigation and Cut-toEdge are just some of the ingredients that made the Worx Landroid M700 a sales champion. It also features an unrivaled ability of going through tight passages – as narrow as the mower itself – without the need for a guiding wire, and clever turning at the border for completing the job faster than conventional random mowers. Its intelligent auto-programming of the daily work is automatically set to the actual growth rate of your grass, factoring in local weather, time of the season, sun radiation, grass species and other variables. The Cut-to-Edge border cutting reduces the need for manual trimming. Continuous updates and improvements are delivered automatically via OtA software updates. The Landroid M700 is configurable to individual needs with five unique options, including intelligent obstacle avoidance, anti-theft, temporary area exclusion and Wi-Fi extension. The Save-the-Hedgehogs mode prevents the mower from operating after sunset, when the nocturnal animals start roaming around. Landroid is part of the expanding Worx PowerShare, one of the most versatile cordless platforms that covers power tools, lawn and garden tools and everyday life products.

Key features

  • Fast coverage of the area thanks to AIA™ navigation technology
  • Goes through narrow passages with ease, without any guiding wire
  • Auto-schedule automatically adapts working time to weather, grass species and soil type
  • Fully customizable to individual needs with four unique options
  • Multi-area management
  • Wi-Fi connected for automatic software updates
  • Save the Hedgehogs mode
  • Powered by PowerShare battery, shareable with all Worx cordless tools

Technical specifications and Manual


ACS™ obstacle avoidance technology
Off-Limits™ virtual fence
FindMyLandroid™ anti theft geo-fencing
RadioLink™ Wi-Fi extender

Battery & Charger

Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 4.0 Ah
Battery Technology PowerShare


Lift sensor
Tilt sensor
Low inertia blades
PIN code
Lock system
Alarm sound

Basic Specifications

Recommended lawn size 700 m²
Maximum slope 35 %
Noise level 67 dB
Front wheels
Rain sensor
Powershare equipped

User interface

Landroid app
Built-in display LCD
Input Dial

Software updates and upgrades



Cutting disc 3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting width 18 cm
Cutting height, adjustable 30 mm / 60 mm /
Multi-zone management
AIA™ intelligent navigation technology
Noesis™ cognitive auto-scheduling



Weight & Dimensions

Product depth 558 mm
Product height 205 mm
Product width 404 mm
Weight with Battery 9.4 kg

Download manual file

In the box

  • A. Worx Landroid M700 WR142E (1)
  • B. Wire repair connectors (2)
  • C. Spare blades fits with screws (9)
  • D. Allen key (1)
  • E. Charging station (1)
  • F. Screws for the charging station (7)
  • G. Pegs (210)
  • H. Power supply (1)
  • I. 150 m boundary wire (1)
  • J. 20V 4 Ah PowerShare battery (1)
  • K. Boundary wire distance gauges (2)
  • L. Bertelsen ruler (1)

Same battery, expandable power

Stop buying batteries and chargers that fit one voltage only. Enjoy unlimited freedom of choice with Worx PowerShare™, the cordless system that adapts to your needs. As easy as combining bricks in construction toys.

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