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Engineered for superior performance, these blades are the perfect choice for Worx Landroid mower owners

  • Effortless Replacement: The WA0789 blades are designed for a quick and easy swap on your Worx Landroid mower

  • Compatible with Most Landroids: These blades work seamlessly with various Worx Landroid models, ensuring a perfect fit for your robotic lawn care companion.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Maintain your Landroid's peak performance with these long-life blades, minimizing downtime and keeping your lawn looking its best.

  • Cost-Effective Choice: While the initial investment might be slightly higher than standard blades, the extended lifespan of the WA0789 blades translates to significant cost savings in the long run.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By needing replacement less often, you contribute to a lower environmental footprint compared to frequently discarding standard blades.

  • Peace of Mind Mowing: Knowing your Landroid has long-life blades allows you to relax and enjoy a beautiful lawn for extended periods without worrying about frequent blade changes or performance decline.


Product description

Maintain a pristine lawn with long-lasting precision cuts thanks to the Worx WA0789 Landroid Replacement Long Life Cutting Blades. Engineered for superior performance, these blades are the perfect choice for Worx Landroid mower owners who prioritize efficiency and extended blade life.Sharpen Your Mowing Experience:Enhanced Durability: Forged from high-grade, hardened stainless steel, the WA0789 blades offer exceptional resistance to wear and tear. They stay sharper for longer, reducing the frequency of replacements compared to standard blades. (Highlight up to 3x longer life if applicable based on Worx information).Clean and Precise Cuts: The sharp cutting edges deliver a clean and even trim throughout your lawn, promoting healthy grass growth and a professional-looking finish.Reduced Maintenance: By lasting longer, these long-life blades minimize the need for frequent replacements, saving you time and effort on mower maintenance.The Worx WA0789 Landroid Replacement Long Life Cutting Blades are a premium choice for Worx Landroid mower owners seeking exceptional durability and efficiency. They offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining a pristine lawn with minimal maintenance, allowing you to spend less time managing your mower and more time enjoying the results.

Key features

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  • Blades (6)
  • Screws (6)

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