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Replacement blade for better performance
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Rotatable blades extend the life of your Landroid and improve its performance

  • Simple Replacement: The WA0190 blades are designed for quick and easy replacement on your Worx Landroid mower

  • Includes Installation Screws: This convenient kit provides everything you need for a hassle-free blade replacement, including the blades and necessary screws for secure installation.

  • Maintain Your Landroid: Regular blade replacements are essential for optimal mower performance. The WA0190 blades make it easy to keep your Landroid operating at its best.

  • Genuine Worx Accessory: These blades are original Worx parts, ensuring perfect compatibility and optimal performance with your Landroid mower.

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: By replacing blades yourself, you can save money on professional maintenance services.

  • Peace of Mind Mowing: Knowing your Landroid has sharp blades allows you to relax and enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn without worrying about uneven cuts or performance issues.


Product description

Maintain a clean, precise cut on your lawn with the Worx WA0190 Landroid Replacement Cutting Blades. These durable blades are specifically designed for your Worx Landroid robotic mower, ensuring optimal performance and a consistently beautiful finish.Sharp Cuts for a Flawless Lawn:Long-lasting Performance: Made from high-quality steel, these blades stay sharp for extended periods, delivering clean cuts and reducing the need for frequent replacements.Double-Sided Design: Each blade features two cutting edges, effectively doubling its lifespan. Simply flip the blade over for a refreshed cutting surface when needed.Precise Mowing: Sharp blades ensure a clean and even cut throughout your lawn, promoting healthy grass growth and a professional-looking finish.The Worx WA0190 Landroid Replacement Cutting Blades are an essential maintenance item for any Worx Landroid owner. They provide a cost-effective and convenient way to keep your mower operating at peak performance, ensuring a beautiful and healthy lawn for years to come.

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

In the box

  • Screws (12)
  • Blades (12)

Same battery, expandable power

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