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Landroid accessories

200m Boundary Wire

Landroid wire - WA0177

100m Landroid Wire

Landroid wire - WA0178

Securing the boundary wire

Landroid 100 pegs - WA0179

50m Boundary Wire

Landroid wire - WA0184

Rotatable two-sided blades

Landroid 12 blades - WA0190

Store your Landroid

Landroid storage bag - WA0197

Connect the boundary wire

Wire connectors - WA0198

Maintain and fix the wire

Landroid boundary kit - WA0460

Package of cleaning tools

Landroid cleaning-kit - WA0462

Replacement charging station

Landroid charging kit - WA0466

Hardened stainless steel blades

Long-life blades - WA0789

Better traction in muddy terrain

Landroid Muddy Terrain Wheels - WA0952

Better traction in muddy terrain

Landroid off-road wheels - WA0950

Prevents skidding on soft ground and wet lawns

Mud terrain drive wheels - WA0953