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20V Cordless & Electric Portable Cooler Fridge/Freezer with x2 4.0Ah Batteries and Charger


Experience Portable Freshness Anywhere
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NO ICE ANYMORE! The fully portable Worx 20V fridge/freezer gives you multiple charging options, for easy solutions for the outdoors, camping or road trips. With its robust yet compact design, this cooler can hold all your essentials and keep them cool.

  • -20℃-+20℃ temperature range, with 23L (approximately 24 bottles of 500ml water) large capacity.

  • Multiple power options: 220-240V AC, 12V/24V car mode, and the Worx 20V PowerShare battery.

  • Up to 18.5 hours running time with 2*4Ah batteries. Operates for 18.5 hours at 10℃ and for 10.15 hours at 25℃ ambient temperature.

  • Fast cooling and intelligent tempreture control. Only takes 30 mins to cool below 0℃.
  • User-friendly design with robust wheels and a pull rod for maneuverability.
  • Convenient built-in opener and drink holders provided so you never have to worry about forgetting them or packing extra items.


Product description

The Worx WX876 is more than just a cooler; it's a portable fridge and freezer that offers ultimate convenience for any outdoor adventure or everyday use. This versatile appliance keeps your food and drinks perfectly chilled or frozen, all while boasting a compact design and multiple power options for ultimate portability.Chill on the Go:Fridge or Freezer: The WX876 offers a wide temperature range, allowing you to switch between chilling drinks at 32°F (0°C) or freezing items down to -4°F (-20°C). This versatility ensures you can keep everything at the perfect temperature, from refreshing beverages to frozen meats.Long-lasting Performance: With up to 18.5 hours of running time on two 4.0Ah batteries (depending on temperature setting), the WX876 keeps your food and drinks cool throughout the day, even on extended outings.Unmatched Portability:Compact Design: Despite its impressive capacity (23 liters, approximately 24 bottles of 500ml water), the WX876 boasts a compact and lightweight design. This makes it easy to transport in your car, on a boat, or even while camping.Multiple Power Options: Never be limited by a lack of outlets. The WX876 offers three convenient powering methods: a standard AC plug for home use, a 12V/24V DC connection for your car, and compatibility with Worx 20V PowerShare batteries for cordless operation.Designed for Convenience:Easy to Use: The WX876 features a user-friendly control panel with an LED display, allowing you to effortlessly set and monitor the desired temperature.Durability Built In: The robust construction ensures the WX876 can withstand the bumps and jostles of outdoor adventures.Smart Features: Interior drink holders, a bottle opener, and even a USB port for charging your devices add a touch of convenience to your outdoor experience.The Worx WX876 is the perfect companion for:Camping Trips: Keep your food fresh and drinks ice-cold for the entire duration of your camping adventure.Road Trips and Picnics: Enjoy chilled beverages and snacks wherever the road takes you.Jobsite Breaks: Stay cool and hydrated with refreshing drinks on hot work days.With its impressive cooling capabilities, multiple power options, and user-friendly design, the Worx WX876 is the ultimate portable cooler for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors or simply wants a convenient way to keep food and drinks chilled at home.

Key features

  • AC/DC Powered for portability options
  • 23L capacity can hold approximately 24 bottles of 500ml water
  • Robust wheels and a pull rod for manoeuvrability
  • Built-in opener and drink holders provided so you never have to worry about forgetting them
  • Built in interior LED light lets you see the contents in the dark

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Power voltage supply20 V Max

Basic Specifications

AC (adaptor) rated voltage100V-240V~50-60 Hz /
DC rated voltage12 V / 24 V /
Rated currentAC:1.2 A-0.5A DC:5.0 A(12V)/2,5A(24V)
Temperature Range-20-20 °C

Power Supply

Power supply60 W

Download manual file

In the box

  • 20V Portable Electric Cooler Fridge/Freezer WX876.9 (1)
  • 4 A dual charger WA3883 (1)
  • x2 20V 4.0Ah PowerShare battery (2)
  • AC charger (1)
  • Car cigarette lighter plug cable (1)



Dual Port Charger For Quick Charging Two Batteries Simultaneously


4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time


4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time

Same battery, expandable power

Stop buying batteries and chargers that fit one voltage only. Enjoy unlimited freedom of choice with Worx PowerShare™, the cordless system that adapts to your needs. As easy as combining bricks in construction toys.

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