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20V dual port fast battery charger


Dual Port Charger For Quick Charging Two Batteries Simultaneously
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The Worx dual-port battery charging station is compatible with all WORX PowerShare batteries up to 6.0Ah and allows you to choose to charge 2 batteries at the same time or charge 1 quicker.

  • The WORX WA3883 dual port charger is compatible with all 20V batteries of the Worx PowerShare battery system.
  • With the charging station, two Worx 20V batteries can be charged at the same time to reduce downtime between charges.
  • The charging time depends on the capacity of the battery to be charged: 2.0 Ah battery = approx.0.5h / two 2.0 Ah batteries = approx.1h / 4.0 Ah battery = approx.1h / two 4.0 Ah batteries = approx. 2h
  • Built-in charger indicator allows you to know when the battery is full and ready to go.
  • Equipped with overcharge protection, the fast charger ensures long-term durability.


Product description

The Worx dual port fast charger can recharge your high-capacity batteries (up to 6.0Ah) up to two at a time. It features a built-in charge indicator, extended-length power cord, overcharge protection and easily mounts to your wall for compact storage.

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Charging Current2 A
Power voltage supply20 V Max


Carry Case/Bag Included

Weight & Dimensions

Weight without Battery0.95 kg /

Basic Specifications

Power Input100 W


Power Output80 W

Download manual file

In the box

  • 20V 4A dual charger WA3883 (1)



4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time


4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time

Same battery, expandable power

Stop buying batteries and chargers that fit one voltage only. Enjoy unlimited freedom of choice with Worx PowerShare™, the cordless system that adapts to your needs. As easy as combining bricks in construction toys.

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