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The only power brush with forward rotation to handle hard-to-clean areas with no mess on you
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Den nye Worx WG441E har en 3 i 1 multibørste som tåler stein og tre samt å rydde ugress. Og en integrert tilkobling for vannkran.

  • Worx innovational Forward Cleaning direction design can clean quickly and easily without any dirt being thrown back onto your body and shoes.
  • The unique joint brush design sweeps away dirt while simultaneously cleaning between the gaps and joints, saving you time and effort.
  • The integrated water tap connection enables complete and thorough wet cleaning in just one step.
  • One button quick-change of brush attachments ensures a hassle-free experience. A steel wire joint brush and stone brush are included.
  • The versatile and powerful patio brush has two speed settings for different surface cleaning requirements.
  • The tool is part of WORX PowerShare battery system, you can use any WORX PowerShare 18V (20V MAX) battery


The new Worx 20v cordless WG441E features a 4-in-1 multi brush that can clean any hard surface including tiles, stone or wooden or composite decking. This mutli-function tool is also perfect for cleaning artificial turf or even clearing ice or snow. An integrated water nozzle connection makes patio cleaning a breeze. The applications are endless for this amazing cleaning tool.


  • Forward cleaning
  • 4-in-1 versatility
  • Integrated hose connector
  • 2-Speed setting
  • Joint brush design
  • Tool-free brush change
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle

Tekniske spesifikasjoner og håndbok

Motor TypeBrushed
Brushes Width165 mm

Weight without Battery2.9 kg /

Max. Operating timeStone brush: 23 mins (with 4.0 Ah battery) / Wooden brush: 28 mins (with 4.0 Ah battery) /
No Load Speed0-700 rpm
Brush Rotational SpeedH: 700 /min / L: 500 /min /
Max Flow Rate81 l/h
Max. Pressure0.6 kPa

Battery TypeLi-Ion
Battery TechnologyPowerShare
Power Voltage Supply20 V Max

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Samme batteri, utvidbar effekt

Slutt å kjøpe batterier og ladere som bare passer til én spenning. Nyt ubegrenset valgfrihet med Worx PowerShare™, det trådløse systemet som tilpasser seg dine behov. Like enkelt som å sette sammen klosser i byggesett.

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