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Landroid Replacement 50m Boundary Wire


Robot lawn mower boundary wire 50m
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Landroid 50m Wire could be used to define the cutting area

  • Invisible Fence: The boundary wire emits a signal that your Landroid mower will detect and avoid, preventing it from venturing into flower beds, vegetable gardens, or other delicate areas of your lawn.

  • Customizable Layout: The 50-meter length allows you to create a boundary that perfectly suits the shape and size of your lawn.


Product description

Maintain a perfectly trimmed lawn and keep your Worx Landroid robotic mower operating efficiently with the Worx WA0184 Replacement Boundary Wire. This 50-meter spool provides the ideal solution for creating or extending the invisible fence that guides your Landroid and keeps it within designated mowing areas.Simple Installation:Compatible with Worx Landroid Mowers: Designed to work seamlessly with various Worx Landroid models (refer to Worx website for specific compatibility information).Easy Placement: Simply lay the wire on the ground and secure it with Worx Landroid Landroid boundary wire staples (sold separately).Durable Performance:Weatherproof Construction: The wire is built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring long-lasting performance season after season.Clear Boundary Definition: Provides a reliable signal for your Landroid, promoting optimal mowing efficiency and preventing unwanted damage to your landscaping.The Worx WA0184 Replacement Boundary Wire is an essential accessory for any Worx Landroid mower owner. This 50-meter spool offers the perfect solution for maintaining a well-defined mowing area and a beautiful lawn.

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

In the box

  • 50 m boundary wire (1)

Same battery, expandable power

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