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20V High Pressure Inflator (4-in-1 tool) - Tool Only


The must-have 4-in-1 machine for car, home or garage
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This compact and versatile tool offers a powerful, portable solution for inflating car tires, bike wheels, sports equipment, and more

  • The inflator tool is multi-use with high-pressure inflation of 0 to 10 bar for tyres and small inflatables such as bicycle wheels, airbeds, footballs and much more.
  • A digital LED screen enables you to read gauge accurately in all light conditions.
  • The LED light illuminates the work area and turns into a red and yellow emergency light for SOS.
  • Automatic shut-off when set pressure is reached to avoid over-inflating.
  • Lightweight and compact size for more convenient use and storage.
  • Bare tool, battery and charger not included. The tool is part of WORX PowerShare battery system, you can share any Worx PowerShare 18 V (20 V MAX) batteries.


Product description

Take control of inflation tasks around the house, garage, or on-the-go with the Worx WX092 Cordless 4-in-1 Inflator. This compact and versatile tool offers a powerful, portable solution for inflating car tires, bike wheels, sports equipment, and more, all powered by a convenient 20V Worx battery (sold separately).Unleash Cordless Convenience:Freedom from Outlets: Ditch the bulky cords and struggling for a nearby outlet. The WX092's cordless design provides exceptional portability, allowing you to inflate objects anywhere, from your garage to the playing field.Lightweight Maneuverability: Weighing a mere 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg), the WX092 is easy to carry and handle, making it perfect for inflating objects on the go or reaching tight spaces in your car.Powerful Performance for Diverse Inflation Needs:High-Pressure Output: The WX092 delivers up to 150 PSI (10 bar) of pressure, making it suitable for inflating car tires, bike tires, sports balls like basketballs and soccer balls, and even inflatable toys.Automatic Shut-Off: Never worry about overinflation! The built-in auto-shutoff feature allows you to pre-set your desired pressure and the inflator will automatically stop once it's reached, preventing damage to your inflatables.Digital Pressure Gauge: The easy-to-read digital gauge displays the current pressure in PSI or bar, allowing you to monitor the inflation process and ensure you achieve the precise level required for your specific inflatable.Multi-Functional Versatility:4 Tools in 1: This handy inflator goes beyond just tire inflation. It features a built-in tire pressure gauge for quick pressure checks, a bright LED work light to illuminate dimly lit areas during use, and even an SOS emergency light for added safety and roadside visibility in case of unexpected situations.Multiple Nozzle Attachments: The WX092 comes with a variety of nozzle attachments to accommodate different inflation needs. This includes a standard valve connector for car tires and bike tires, a ball needle for sports balls, and a tapered nozzle for inflating pool toys and air mattresses.Convenient and User-Friendly Design:Easy to Use: The WX092 is simple to operate with an intuitive control panel and clear pressure readings.Compact Storage: The lightweight design and included storage case make the WX092 easy to store in your car, toolbox, or anywhere you need it most.POWERSHARE Battery Compatibility: The WX092 is compatible with the Worx POWERSHARE battery platform, allowing you to use the same battery across a variety of Worx tools.The Worx WX092 Cordless 4-in-1 Inflator is a must-have tool for any household. It's compact, portable, and powerful, making it ideal for tackling a variety of inflation tasks with ease. Keep it in your car for roadside emergencies, use it around the house for inflating bike tires or sports equipment, or take it with you to the campsite for a convenient way to inflate air mattresses and pool toys. With the Worx WX092, you'll always have the right tool for the job, wherever you need it.

Key features

  • 4 functions in 1: Inflator, Tire Pressure Monitor, Work Light and Emergency SOS Light
  • Digital LED for an accurate gauge
  • LED light illuminates the work area and for SOS
  • High-pressure inflation of 0 to 10 bar
  • A wide range of accessories

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Power voltage supply20 V Max

Weight & Dimensions

Weight without Battery0.95 kg /

Basic Specifications



Working pressure10 bar (150 psi) Max, 8 bar (120 psi) 2.5 mins/7.5 mins

Download manual file

In the box

  • High-Pressure Inflator WX092.9 (1)
  • Flexible hose (1)
  • Nozzle accessories (3)



4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time


20V 1hr Fast Charger


Handheld light, tool only

Same battery, expandable power

Stop buying batteries and chargers that fit one voltage only. Enjoy unlimited freedom of choice with Worx PowerShare™, the cordless system that adapts to your needs. As easy as combining bricks in construction toys.

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