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FiatLux - LED headlights


FiatLux LED headlights for Landroid Vision
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Shine a light over your lawn and let Vision mow at night without hurting nocturnal animals

  • With the LED headlight, Vision clearly sees in the dark to avoid any critters

  • Unlock the mowing-at-night experience for a healthier turf

  • Easy installation


Product description

With FiatLux your Landroid Vision can finally mow at night. Thanks to this LED headlight Landroid Vision now sees in the dark: by avoiding nocturnal animals FiatLux makes mowing at night possible and safe for everyone. Mowing after dark provides a healthier turf as well, as the lack of sunlight keeps moisture within the roots and prevents diseases from spreading. FiatLux is also easy to install: just connect the LED headlight to Vision through a wire and pop it on top of the camera.

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

In the box

  • LED Heading WA0711 (1)
  • Screws (2)
  • Hex key (1)

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