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FiatLux - LED headlights


FiatLux LED headlights for Landroid Vision
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Shine a light over your lawn and let Vision mow at night without hurting nocturnal animals

  • Easy Upgrade for Your Vision: The WA0711 headlights are designed for a quick and effortless installation on your Worx Landroid Vision mower.

  • Straightforward Connection: The headlights connect seamlessly to your Landroid Vision through a dedicated wire, ensuring a reliable power supply and optimal functionality.

  • Maintains Landroid Vision's Design: The sleek design of the FiatLux headlights integrates flawlessly with your Landroid Vision's aesthetics, preserving its modern and innovative look.

  • Unlock the Potential of Night Mowing: The WA0711 headlights eliminate the limitations of daylight mowing, allowing your Landroid Vision to maintain your lawn 24/7.

  • Protects Wildlife and Promotes a Healthier Lawn: Mowing at night can help avoid disturbing nocturnal animals. Additionally, cooler nighttime temperatures can benefit your lawn's health.

  • Enhanced Peace of Mind: Knowing your Landroid Vision can operate safely and efficiently at night allows you to relax and enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn, regardless of the time of day.


Product description

Transform your Worx Landroid Vision robotic mower into a nighttime lawn champion with the Worx WA0711 Landroid Vision FiatLux LED Headlights. This innovative accessory empowers your Landroid Vision to mow efficiently and safely even after dark, unlocking a whole new level of lawn care convenience.Effortless Mowing Around the Clock:Night Vision for Your Landroid: The bright LED headlights illuminate your lawn, allowing your Landroid Vision to navigate precisely and maintain a clean cut even in low-light conditions.Enhanced Safety: The improved visibility ensures safe operation during nighttime mowing sessions, minimizing the risk of collisions with obstacles or uneven terrain.Schedule Mowing According to Your Needs: With the FiatLux headlights, you can expand your mowing schedule beyond daylight hours. Mow when it's cooler or more convenient for you, without worrying about limited visibility.The Worx WA0711 Landroid Vision FiatLux LED Headlights are a game-changer for any Worx Landroid Vision owner. They offer effortless night mowing capabilities, simple installation, and a range of benefits that expand your mower's potential. Experience the freedom and convenience of nighttime lawn care with the Worx FiatLux LED Headlights.

Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

In the box

  • LED Heading WA0711 (1)
  • Screws (2)
  • Hex key (1)

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