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Landroid 50m Boundary Wire Kit
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Ce kit vous permettra d'entretenir et de réparer les sections de fil cassées et d'étendre votre frontière ou de redéfinir des sections

  • Compatible with Most Worx Landroid Models: Designed to work seamlessly with various Worx Landroid mowers (refer to Worx website for specific compatibility information).

  • Easy Wire Installation: Simply lay the wire along the desired perimeter and secure it with the included impact-resistant nylon lawn pegs.

  • Quick Repairs: The included wire connectors allow for effortless repair of damaged sections, minimizing downtime and ensuring your Landroid stays operational.

  • Heavy-Duty Boundary Wire: The 18 AWG wire is built to withstand outdoor conditions and accidental wear-and-tear, ensuring reliable performance over time.

  • Impact-Resistant Lawn Pegs: The included nylon lawn pegs offer secure wire placement and hold up against weather elements and accidental impact from lawnmowers or garden tools.

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Description du produit

Keep your Worx Landroid robotic mower operating efficiently and within designated areas with the Worx WA0460 Landroid Boundary Kit. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to expand your existing boundary line, create a new one, or repair damaged sections of wire.Maintain Control of Your Mowing Zone:Expand Your Landroid's Territory: The 50 meters of included boundary wire allows you to extend the perimeter of your existing mowing area, reaching previously untouched sections of your lawn.Repair Broken Boundaries: If your current boundary wire suffers nicks or cuts, this kit provides the necessary supplies to make quick and effective repairs, ensuring your Landroid stays within its designated zone.Create a New Boundary: For first-time Landroid users or those who need to define a completely new mowing area, this kit offers everything required to establish a clear and functional boundary.The Worx WA0460 Landroid Boundary Kit empowers you to customize your Landroid's mowing area and keep it operating efficiently. Whether you need to extend the existing boundary, repair a damaged section, or set up a new mowing zone from scratch, this kit provides all the necessary components for a successful and frustration-free experience.

Fonctionnalités principales

Spécifications techniques et manuel


  • 50 m de câble périphérique (1)
  • Piquets (70)
  • Connecteurs (3)

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