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20V cordless 18 Gauge brad nailer - tool only


Fires up to 80 nails per minute to complete jobs at a fast, efficient pace
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Nail it with speed, Nail it with power! Thanks to the innovative Air Impact Technology, this nailer can fire up to 80 nails per minute to complete projects swiftly. Breeze through a variety of common woodworking applications—such as fastening baseboards, window and door trims, crown moldings, hardwood flooring, fence panels, cabinetry, and more.

  • Air Impact Technology to secure brad nails up to 51 mm into hardwood.

  • Fires up to 80 nails per minute to complete jobs at a fast, efficient pace. 

  • Leave behind the hose, compressor, & gas cartridge hassles of pneumatic nail guns.

  • Anti-ejection design that keeps nails from flying when you open the magazine or jam clearing is required

  • Quick-load magazine to save time with effortless reloading.

  • Easy switch between two firing modes: contact actuation mode and single sequential mode.

  • Bare tool, battery and charger not included. The tool is part of WORX PowerShare battery system, you can share any WORX PowerShare 18V (20V MAX) batteries.

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The Worx 18 Gauge brad nailer (WX842) allows you to take on trim carpentry and craft projects with precision and efficiency.Powered by a maintenance-free battery and oil-free motor, this electric nail gun drives 18-gauge nails up to 51 mm in length consistently and accurately into wood, cement board, plastic and more.Weighing under 2 kg, the ergonomic design provides excellent balance and control while the narrow nose lets you drive nails close to edges and in tight spaces.An adjustable depth knob gives you countersunk control and the tool-free jam release helps clear jams quickly when needed. Whether installing quarter round, shoe molding, window casings or crafting delicate projects, the WORX WX842 18-gauge nailer provides the power, precision and convenient operation to drive nails efficiently all day long.


  • Tool-Free Jam Release quickly and effortlessly clears jammed nails.
  • Two Firing Modes easily switch between Contact Actuated and Single Sequential firing modes.
  • Lightweight and compact design ideal for one-hand operation.
  • Tool-Free Depth Adjustment Dial easily sets the proper depth for the specific nail length.
  • Narrow Nose Design Provides a clear line of sight for precise placement.
  • Quick-Load Magazine allows for rapid refilling when nails run out.
  • Dual LED Lighting boosts visibility in darker work areas to support accurate placement.


Akku & Ladegerät

Stromversorgung Spannungsversorgung20 V Max

Gewicht und Abmessungen

Produkthöhe300 mm
Produkt Breite90 mm
Gewicht ohne Akku2.8 kg /
Produkt Länge285 mm /


Brad/Nagel Kapazität100
Feuerungsrate80 nails/min

Handbuch herunterladen


  • 20V cordless brad nailer (1)
  • 18 Gauge brad nail (200)
  • Belt hook (1)



2.0Ah Replacement battery pack


4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time


4.0Ah battery pack for longer run-time


5.0Ah battery pack with indicator


20V 1hr Fast Charger


20-V-Akku-Würfelstaubsauger, mit Akku und Ladegerät

Gleicher Akku, erweiterbare Stromversorgung

Kaufen Sie keine Akkus und Ladegeräte mehr, die nur für eine Spannung geeignet sind. Nutzen Sie die grenzenlose Flexibilität mit Worx PowerShare™, dem Akku-System, das sich an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpasst. So einfach wie das Zusammenstecken von Spielzeugbauklötzen.

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