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20V 200Nm cordless brushless compact impact driver - with 2 batteries and charger


Compact, yet mighty, perfect balance of power and size
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At just 116mm front to back and a mere 0.87kg without the battery, the Worx Nitro 20V 200Nm Compact Impact Driver is 19% shorter and 14% lighter than the previous model. Don't be fooled by its size – it navigates tight spaces effortlessly while delivering a punch of power.

  • The cordless 200Nm impact driver with 3-speed settings can drive into wood, brick, concrete, and other tough materials, offering a premium level of power and performance: 0-3400/min, 0-3600 bpm.

  • Elevate your work with our 20V Compact Impact Driver's advanced brushless motor, providing extended efficiency, increased power, and exceptional durability.

  • Our impact driver is one of the most compact ones in the market, measuring only 116mm front to back and only 0.87kg without battery - so you can navigate tight spaces while still enjoying the robust power it packs.

  • Tackle challenging projects without worrying about overheating. The insulated design shields the tool from high temperatures during high-demand applications.

  • Designed with the 1/4" (6.35mm) Hex chuck size, this impact wrench is ideal for uses and applications.

  • The Variable Speed Trigger puts you in control, allowing you to seamlessly adjust the speed and impact force for optimal results.

  • Same battery, expandable power. The tool is part of Worx PowerShare battery system, you can share any Worx PowerShare 18V (20V MAX) batteries.

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The Worx Nitro Brushless Compact Impact Driver offers a sleek solution for driving fasteners with power and ease. With a competitively compact length of 116mm, this lightweight cordless impact driver is ideal for completing tasks in tight spaces such as driving in between joists, studs, frames, cabinetry, deck framing, and more. Equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor, it runs 50% longer, delivers 25% more power, and offers a 10X longer life than impact drivers with conventional brushed motors. Maximize your control over this power with the impact driver's 3 speed settings, allowing you to easily match the performance to the demands of the job. The variable speed settings reach a max no-load speed of 3400/min and max impact rate of 3600 BPM to streamline repetitive driving tasks. The impact driver offers a max torque of 200Nm. to handle a wide variety of tough driving applications such as driving into wood, concrete, brick, and other dense materials. When these high-demand tasks expose the tool to high temperatures, its insulated design offers added protection from the heat. Whatever the task, you can count on the 1/4” (6.35mm) hex chuck to provide secure bit retention and simplify bit changes with its quick-release functionality. If you're working within darker area, the trigger-activated LED light provides bright illumination to improve visibility. 


  • Bürstenloser Motor für mehr Leistung, längere Laufzeit und längere Lebensdauer des Motors
  • Sechskant-Schnellspannfutter 6,35 mm für einfachen und schnellen Bitwechsel
  • LED-Leuchte für Arbeiten in dunklen Bereichen
  • Kompaktes Design für einfache Handhabung in engen Bereichen
  • Variabler Geschwindigkeitsauslöser


Akku & Ladegerät

Akkukapazität2.0 Ah

Gewicht und Abmessungen

Gewicht mit Akku1.33 kg
Gewicht ohne Akku0.92 kg /
Produkt Länge116 mm /

Grundlegende Spezifikationen

Motor TypBrushless
Fassungsvermögen des Futters6.35 mm
Spannfutter TypHEX
Variable Geschwindigkeit
Stellung der Kupplung3
Steuerung der Vorwärts-/Rückwärtsdrehung
Name20V Cordless Brushless Compact Impact Driver


Auswirkungsrate3600 bpm / 2600 bpm / 1400 bpm /
Maximales Drehmoment200 Nm
Geschwindigkeit ohne Last0-1200/2400/3400 /min

Handbuch herunterladen


  • Injektionskasten WA0075 (1)
  • 20V/2.0Ah Li-Akkus WA3639 (2)
  • 2A Schnellladegerät WA3880 (1)
  • 50mm screwdriver bit (PH2) (1)
  • Gürtelclip (1)
  • Bit-Clip (1)

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Kaufen Sie keine Akkus und Ladegeräte mehr, die nur für eine Spannung geeignet sind. Nutzen Sie die grenzenlose Flexibilität mit Worx PowerShare™, dem Akku-System, das sich an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpasst. So einfach wie das Zusammenstecken von Spielzeugbauklötzen.

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